Past Graduate Students

Droscha, Katie

M.S. 2011. Quantifying the relationships between lake nutrients and agricultural land use/cover at different spatial scales. MS Thesis. MSU. 44 pp.

Current position: Soil Conservationist, Natural Resource Conservation Service, Region 3, MI.

Martin, Sherry L.

M.S. 2004. Defining lake landscape position: relationships to hydrologic connectivity and landscape features. MS Thesis. MSU. 54 pp.

Current position: Postdoctoral researcher. Department of Geological Sciences, Michigan State University.

Cheruvelil, Kendra Spence

PhD. 2004. Examining lakes at multiple spatial scales: predicting fish growth, macrophyte cover and lake physio-chemical variables. PhD Dissertation. MSU. 134 pp.

M.S. 2000. Epiphytic macroinvertebrates along a gradient of Eurasian water milfoil (Myriophyllum spicatum L.): the role of plant species and architecture. MS Thesis. MSU. 175 pp.

Current position: Associate Professor, Lyman Briggs School of Science, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI.

Nelson, Stacy A.C.

PhD. 2002. The use of remote sensing in freshwater wetland and lake studies. PhD Dissertation. MSU. 134 pp.

Current position: Associate Professor, Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC.

Walsh (Holden), Sarah

M.S. 2000. Lakes, wetlands, and streams as dynamic drivers of land use/cover pattern and change: a unique view of aquatic ecosystems in the landscape. MS Thesis. MSU. 67 pp.

Current position: Biologist, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, Water Division, Lansing, MI.

Michigan State University